The color green
is so serene.
All I can see
is God’s beauty.
The green grass
is a pretty mass.
The trees so high
look rather spry.
The trees in the fall
don’t look the same at all.
They are different from one another
because of beautiful different color.
But the color green
is smartly keen.
Outside look around
everywhere it’ll be found.
God had made
a different shade,
which can be seen
in the color green.
The bush, the plant, the stem
just look at all of them
and you will see
God’s beauty.
A different size
will arise.
Green is not picky
some soil is icky,
plants will still grow
a green display show.
If you know what I mean
by this fabulous color green,
the next time green is seen
its beauty your eyes can glean.