Promises *Psalm 119:76

God’s Word is full of good promises for those who believe.
Psalm 119:76  (Lord God) May Your unfailing love be my comfort, according to Your promise to Your servant.
Today’s devotion is to meditate on God’s merciful kindness, and with an expectant heart ask God in His merciful kindness to be your comfort and shield according to His faithful promises.
Lord God, merciful Father thank you for all Your wonderful promises. You are a faithful and just God full of love, compassion, mercy, and grace, which You continually pour out over Your people.
Lord, we are asking for Your unfailing mercy and kindness today. Come and be our comfort as Your Word states in many, many places that You alone can comfort those who feel bad, lousy, hurt, or mourn. Come today Lord and comfort Your people. For Your Name’s sake. Thank You. Amen