Not Hard

It is not a hard task
all I have to do is ask.
Then I have to step out
in faith it will come about.
I just have to get up and do
in order for it to come through.
God will do it
if I don’t quit. 



Don’t let your pipes clog
from the dirt and smog.
If to God’s Word we listen
our hearts will not only glisten,
but they will also have a peace
that only God can release.
He will also deploy
a great amount of joy.
We also will gain insight,
which will make the way bright.
We will feel so free
keeping our eyes on Thee.
God is so very good
if we only could
grasp this truth and hold,
we would become bold
to proclaim the Word,
which needs to be heard.
Blessed be His name,
He is always the same
in all that He does
and this is because
His promises hold true
to what He’s done and will do.


We always need to take care
to make sure we are aware
of what we begin to think
in order for it not to stink.
We need to get a hold
of the word that’s told;
checking how we feel
then with it we must deal
making sure our emotion
causes no commotion.
Keeping our eyes on Him
He will bind what’s grim.
Joy and peace will fill the heart
it will be like a brand new start.
Hallelujah glory!
Listen to His story.