Forgiveness *Gen. 50:15-26

Guilt has a way of taking a toll on a person who has wronged another person. ~~~ Joseph had already forgiven his brothers for the cruel acts done to him and for selling him as a slave. The brothers were so guilt ridden that they were having trouble receiving forgiveness for the evil acts they committed against him. Joseph has to again reassure them that he holds no grudge nor malice, but only forgiveness towards them. ~~~ Joseph sees God’s purpose and makes it clear to his brothers that God allows things to happen for good reasons. “What you deem for harm, God will overpower it for good.” ~~~ So when storms, trials, or life has turned against you hold fast to God’s promises. God has something amazingly good for you that will not only bless you, but it will bless others as well. – God is true to His Word. ~~~ God, Help us to let go of offenses that are commited against us. Move in our hearts to be a forgiving people and not to hold grudges. Show us Your plan for our lives. We thank You. In Jesus Name. Amen

Gen. 50:15-26;KJV

Romans 8:28;KJV

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