You Are Here

Lord, You are here,
but Your children do not hear.
They are filled with attraction,
which causes their distraction.
These attractions take them away,
far from God they stray.
They don’t even realize
they are following lies,
which come from the evil one;
He wants their destruction done.
When they are corrected,
because they’ve defected,
they pop an attitude,
which is most rude.
They only want their way,
which leads to endless decay.
O Lord, they need You
for a break through.
They are so deceived
in what they have achieved.
It’s not about what they can get,
for that only brings on regret.
It is a heavy load
to carry down that road.
If they give it all up
the Lord will fill their cup.
God wants to fill each one,
but only if to Him they come.
It is totally their choice,
whether they obey His voice.
This is the last call,
that goes out to you all.