Great Mercy *1 Kings 21:25-29

1 Kings 21:25-29;NIV
Great mercy! The Lord God of Israel is amazing! After all the wickedness, sinful deeds of Ahab (causing the people to turn away from God and follow idols) God, in His great mercy, forgives him when he repents. True repentance – fasting and sackcloth, praying for forgiveness. God will not give Ahab calamity – although judgment was passed and will come, it will come to his descendants for they were not following God, but worshiping and serving idols.
God is a forgiving God. No matter what was done, no matter how long it takes, if a person repents God always forgives. What a gracious and merciful God! There is none like Him. He alone is God – The Great I Am: the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
God, we thank and praise You for your generous mercy. Help us to be merciful to others as You have been merciful to us. In Jesus Name.

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