The Subject

With hardship about
Constantly crying out
Day after day
To the Lord I pray
Who knows
Is Heaven closed
Here’s the subject
Will the Lord reject
Has His promises failed
Not removing what’s ailed
Has He forgotten me
I can’t seem to see
Where is His compassion
Love, care and passion
With me is He angry
Where is The Almighty
Stop this thinking
Truth start drinking
Stop thinking this way
And do it right away
Remember. Remember. Remember.
From January to December
Remember God is faithful
We should be grateful
The word for me and you
No matter what we go through
The Lord God IS there
And He very much does care
Know this we should
Our God is very good
Righteous in all that He does
He’s the God who is and was
To Him hold on tight
This thinking is right
The Lord God is in control
Remember His Name extol


Brand New Start

Go to the Lord God now
Pour out your heart
This is the how
For a brand new start
If you believe
God will hear
You will receive
He’ll draw you near
Here’s what I am saying
All kinds of help is free
On your knees praying
To God Almighty

New Year

It is a new year
In it we can cheer
It is a new day
There is a new way
In the year 2018
There is much to glean
There is much to be had
A joy which makes glad
There’s only one way to get this
Something you don’t want to miss
If the Lord God you seek
Healing & blessings He’ll speak
Your life will not be the same
There is healing in Jesus’ Name
Why not seek God this day
He will lead a brand new way