Consequence *2 Sam. 12:13

2 Samuel 12:13;NIV
To every action there is a reaction. Every choice we make has a consequence whether good or bad. The choices we make will determine the outcome.
David abused his God-given authority as king, leader, and ruler of Israel. God had given David everything, wealth, health, fame, victory, and power. David lacked nothing. He loved God and honored God’s Word, yet he fell into sin because he gave into temptation. This one sin gave way to breaking several of the Ten Commandments. Lost in sin, David was far from repentance until God sent a prophet to him. Then his eyes were opened and he was sorry for all he had done. God, in His mercy, told David that He took his sins away. God forgave David and washed him clean, but told David he would have to suffer the consequence of his actions.
One good thing seen here is that God forgives sin and removes the stain of sin from our lives. Another good thing is that David was lost in sin and had no plans of repenting. God, in His faithfulness, made David aware of his sin. As a result, David turned back to God; no longer walking away from Him, hence his relationship with God was restored.
Thank you God for Your mercy and grace. Thank you for Your faithfulness and for the forgiveness of sin. Help us to make the right choices and good decisions in our lives that will bring us closer to You. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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