Our Relationship *2 Sam. 11-12

2 Samuel 11-12
David was suppose to be with his men, but sent someone in his place instead. He was not where he was suppose to be. He was relaxing at home instead of working. Because David was not where he should have been, he fell into sin. Not just one sin, but many – one right after another.
When we are not where we are suppose to be, we are opening ourselves up to potential sin. Our eyes, ears, mouth, and senses have greater opportunity to give into temptations. When we sin, it puts a strain on our relationship with God. The more we sin, the more we walk away from God. God is not the One to move; we are the ones who choose what we want to do, how we want to do it, where and when we want to do it. We are the ones making the decision to walk with God or away from God.
In order to avoid unnecessary sin, it is advisable to be where you are suppose to be: doing what you should be doing.
It’s like David taking a sick day. He had no business staying home. He should have been leading his men. Lust in his mind gave way to lust of the eyes, which gave way to lust of the flesh. Sin. Sin. Sin. Then more sins follow: the sin of coveting, deception, lying, adultery, abuse of his power and authority, murder, cover up, fear, and worry. All this sin: one sin led to another and then to another, and another, and on it goes. Sin damages our relationship with God.
David was so into what he was doing that he didn’t even realize that he had walked away from God. Thanks be to God’s faithfulness and forgiveness. God intervened and showed David the damage he’d done. There was a consequence David had to pay, but God forgave him when he repented. Then God restored David back to where he belonged. The break in his relationship had been mended. This is a good lesson for us to pay attention too, so that we don’t fall into the same traps as David.

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