It is never too late
So do not hesitate
To participate
What is meant
By the word Lent
I’ll use my rhyme
To explain this time
Lent is a special season
Which has a specific reason
It is a time to perch
And do an inner soul search
Ask the Lord to let you know
What in your life has to go
It is a time to purge
So your spirit can surge
It is a time to fast
40 days it should last
To offer up a good sacrifice
Something meaningful will suffice
Resisting temptation’s urge
Trusting in God you will emerge
Listen to the Word told
Take truth and grab hold
Spend more time each day
To the Lord listen and pray
A time to come closer to God
Giving Him all honor and laud
A Lent devotional is good
Do this you could
There are many around
A good one can be found
If you stay faithful and true
It will be good for you
The whole focus
Is on Christ Jesus
And to follow Him
Not giving way to sin
Staying focused on course
Will lead to no remorse
Lent I’ve explained how
So why not come now
It ends on April one
Resurrection Day of the Son
The time is to consent
Of how your time is spent
This season is Lent
A time to turn and repent
This message is now sent