Here It is *Matt. 11:27-30

Matthew 11:27-30;NIV
God’s will – here it is. God has willed everything to Jesus. If we go to Him He will: reveal the Father and give rest to the weary and the burdened. If you learn from Jesus He will be gentle and humble with you and give rest to your soul.
Try meditating on what Jesus said, “My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” To be yoked with Jesus is to be linked to Him; to be right next to Him. Whichever way He goes you will follow and go the same way. He is right by your side and does not go anywhere without you. If God is for us – who can be against us!
Burden – a burden is not what we want. A burden hurts, is painful, a very heavy load to carry. Jesus said if we are with Him He will help carry the load making the pain, hurt, unbearable stress, and/or over whelming situation more than just manageable. He will carry it with us; removing the pressure and weight off of our backs and shoulders. With God all things are possible.



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