Disaster Struck *1 Sam. 29-30

1 Samuel 29-30
Disaster struck. David’s camp was destroyed. Their wives and children were stolen along with all their possessions. His army wanted to stone him. They had lost their faith and hope in his leadership.
“BUT David found strength in the Lord.” He inquired of the Lord for the next step as of what to do. God gave him direction.
So, when we seem to have lost those things and the people we hold dear, turn immediately to the Lord God and He will show you what to do. If you seek Him, He will answer you and direct you in the way that will bring relief and blessings.
Sometimes God allows these terrible times to come into our lives to test us; to see what we are really made of, to see if we truly trust God or not, to see what we will do when all odds are against us. God is faithful! He will not let you be tempted beyond your own strength. He is faithful and just. By allowing the impossible in our lives God can make Himself known, which will bring us into a better relationship with Him if we choose to trust Him. Always remember: God is for us and not against us. Nothing, absolutely nothing can stand up against God. Hallelujah!!!


Thank you Lord for the joy You bring
Of You my heart will always sing
You always hear my every prayer
God of Creation You are well aware
Mighty are the things You have done
Salvation through the gift of Your Son