Absolutely Free

Remember what God has done
Through Messiah Jesus; His Son
Salvation is absolutely free
It’s for the taking; for you and me
He wants the whole world to know
There is only one way to go
Jesus came to show us the way
To remove death, darkness, decay
Do not forget from where you came
Remember there’s power in Jesus’ Name
Once a slave to sin
Now freedom dwells within


He Answered

I sought the Lord
He answered me
The Lord came
Tended to my plea
He showed me
The way to walk
Now I see
It’s more than talk
I need His power
And His strength
He is my strong tower
I can go the length
We just need to do
And trust in His Word
He will help us through
As we follow what’s heard

Loyalty *1 Sam. 19

1 Samuel 19
Loyalty can save someone’s life. Deception is death. Loyalty is life.
Be a good friend today.
Be loyal to what you say
and loyal in what you do.
It will go well with you
and bless others too.
With all else be through.
On this chew.
Loyalty is what to do
Be this way
Be loyal every day


Psalm 130
Out of the depths I cry
Hear my voice Adonai
For mercy I cry
Hear and attend Adonai
With a record of sin
No one could ever win
Before God who could stand
There’d be no one in the land
But God does forgive
Enables us to live
God’s Word is clear
It is God we must fear
On the Lord I wait
He is never late
In His Word is hope
Enables one to cope
It is the soul
God can make whole
Put your hope in the Lord
Do this now in one accord
With Adonai is unfailing love
Full redemption from above
He will redeem from sin
And cleanse deep within


The cry of my heart
I need a brand new start
Nothing else can I afford
I need You more Lord
The Lord heard my cry
Mighty and kind is Adonai
He pulled me out of strife
He came and saved my life
Even though the way is hard
The Lord is front and rear guard
All I need now is to trust
Almighty God is righteous & just
No longer will I be forlorn
Nor will I wallow and mourn
I now have a brand new start
God heard the cry of my heart

Power *Matt. 11

Matthew 11
There is power in the name of Jesus. He is the only One who has the power to do miracles:
Makes the blind see.
Lame to walk.
Leprosy cured.
Deaf hear.
Dead raised to life.
Salvation to poor.
Is the only way into the Kingdom of Heaven.
Praise be to His holy Name. Thank you Lord Jesus for the power in Your most Holy Name. Teach us how to use Your holy, powerful Name in order to bring glory to God Most High. Thank you for all You do. Blessed be Your Name.