Aren’t What They Seem *1 Sam. 26

1 Samuel 26;NIV
David could’ve killed King Saul and all his problems would’ve been eliminated, but he chose to endure hardship and not harm the Lord’s anointed. David had to leave his homeland and live amongst the enemy. God allowed this because God had a higher purpose for David’s life. God had planned it. Sometimes God allows things in our lives and we will never know why until we meet Him face to face. What the enemy deems for harm, God will overpower it with good. A higher purpose; a higher calling, a higher level of commitment to God’s Word is necessary.
Lord, God of Israel, keep us from avenging our foes. Go before us and clear our way; as Your Word says in the Bible, “Vengeance is Mine,” says the Lord.



From the Root
Came a new shoot
He picked me up
And filled my cup
Out of the pit
My candle now lit
All this to say
I will be okay
He can do
This for you