Faith Triumphs *1 Sam. 17:32-51

1 Samuel 17:32-51;NIV
There are many lessons in this story of David and Goliath.
* faith triumphs over fear. (vs. 32)  * God uses the most unlikely to bring victory to His people (vs. 33 & 55)  * Not walking by sight; but by faith (vs. 37, 4-7, 33-36)  * Against all odds, God will give victory to the one who believes (vs. 51)  * One insignificant person can change the outcome for the good of the community (vs. 55-56)  * Facing fear; facing the giant (problem/situation) in life will extinguish it, and God gets the glory. (vs. 47)
* humility (being humble) and putting trust in God triumphs over pride (boastful and arrogant) (vs.43-44)  * Just be yourself; do not try to walk in another’s shoes. God made us all different and unique. God gives different gifts and abilities to each person. Trying to be like someone else is not a good fit and will not result in victory, but in defeat. (vs. 38-40)  * Pride cometh before a fall (vs.43-44)  *Remember, remember, remember what the Lord God has done for you in the past. (vs. 34-35)  * The battle is the Lord’s; it’s not by sword, spear, or actions but only by the Lord who saves. (vs. 47)
Lord, God of Israel, give us the faith, courage, and strength to face those who are in opposition to Your people. Go before us Lord and save Your people from the enemy’s tactics. In Jesus Name. Amen.