Break Through

Lord, as I come to You today
Heal me Lord this very day
Take all of the pain
May none of it remain
Clear my mind, so I can hear
I feel far away; draw me near
I need a break through
Something only You can do
Give me the strength I need
And courage to succeed
Take the sickness and disease
I want to walk with ease
I need to hear Your voice
So I can make the right choice
Lord, this is a brand new year
Wipe away all sadness; each tear
I need a touch from You
Something only You can do


Lord, show me what to do
I come now, Lord, to You
I do need to know
The way I should go
Open my eyes to see
The path pleasing to Thee
To walk in unending love
Like a warm, comfortable glove
Steady my feet and hands
Help me obey Your commands
Take the blockage from each ear
Your voice my ears need to hear
You are a gracious and kind
Fill me with peace of mind
So, as I walk along the way
I pray everything will be okay
Thank you for hearing my voice
It is in You, Lord that I rejoice