From every hill and plain
God’s Word will remain
It will stand forever
Being powerless never



You are marvelously splendid
Great and mighty things You did
All I need to do
Is come to You
The place to start
Is with a humble heart
I acknowledged my sin
You cleansed me deep within
You took me by the hand
Helping to follow Your command
What a gracious God You are
Brighter than the brightest star
In Your hands there’s not one quirk
For perfect is all Your work
Yes, You are the Mighty God of Israel
I will by ink and mouth of You tell


I come to You now
My heart will bow
Your presence brings
Wonderfully beautiful things
Walking in mercy and grace
I come to seek Your face
Lord, on You I lean
Come and make me clean
Lead me to that place
To humbly seek Your face
Help me to focus my attention
As You lead to another dimension
Come all consuming fire
Take me to a level higher
Rid me of my sin
Cleanse me deep within
I will give You praise
And thanks all my days

Marvelous Things *Judges 6

Judges 6;NIV
Before God does a mighty act for His people all idols have to be destroyed. Once the idols are destroyed then an altar is made to the Lord God. When idols are gone and God is honored that’s when marvelous things happen.
It is good to take inventory of one’s life to see what takes precedence. Where is most of your time spent? Where and on what is your money spent? Where does God fit into your life? Is God first or does something else take precedence over God’s Word? Questions to think about; questions to ponder, and if need be repent.
The people were experiencing oppression and hardship because they had turned away from the Lord God and if that wasn’t bad enough, they were also worshiping idols.

Empty Inside

Lord, why do I feel empty inside?
This feeling cannot be denied
It feels like something is so wrong
I’ve had this feeling so long
I know You are with me
But why don’t I see
I continually seek comfort in food
Trying to comfort my mood
But it doesn’t work
And I feel like a jerk
Then I feel bad
Which makes me sad
Then comes guilt
Making me tilt
To shame and despair
I know You care
You have given me so much
I have felt Your gentle touch
You are so good to me
this I plainly see
What am I missing inside
Where does joy and peace reside

My Poem

My poem, my poem,
my poem has come home.
Where, oh where did it roam?
Did you hide under a dome?
I sure am glad to have you back.
I sure do miss the large stack
of poems I use to get.
Writing them was no sweat.
Maybe all I have to do is ask,
then I can simply bask
in the enjoyment they bring;
they make me want to sing.
Spirit of God come have Your way,
please come and do not delay.
It is by You the poems come,
You give me more than just some.
May I always be ready,
when poems come steady.