About Today

Now about today,
Lord have Your way.
Speak to Your people Israel,
Empower Your servant to tell:
“Awake and arise
Let there be no surprise
What lies ahead
Do not dread
For Your God is in control
He is the One to extol
Give Him honor and praise
Yes, let your voice raise
Higher than the sky
Come and worship Adonai.”
If you rent your heart
you will be smart.
God is true to His Word
which you have heard.
You cannot deny
it is only Adonai.
When the war’s begun
He is the only One
who can take you by the hand
keeping you safe in your land.
It is so absurd
to ignore God’s Word.
Now rent your heart
He will give you a new start.
He will clear your way,
the way you walk each day.
God will meet your need
if only Him you heed.
He is Israel’s Mighty One
why not to Him come.
He longs to be with you.
He is the only One who
loves you deeply, more than you know
so don’t hesitate, now to Him go.
If you heed the Word He sent
to Him turning as you repent,
He will make Himself known.
No longer will you groan
as you worship Him alone.
God is on His royal Throne;
He rules from above,
give Him all your love.
Today is the day
to change your evil way.
Repent! I say repent,
for this is the word sent.