One Reason

There is only one reason
For this truly joyful season
Yes, there is only one
That reason is Jesus the Son
Yes, Jesus Christ is the reason
For this miraculous season
The hustle and bustle do not let
Jesus Christ our Saviour forget
So, proclaim with voice aloud
Messiah Jesus to the crowd
Come now and be swift
To tell of this wondrous gift
This season is Jesus’ birth
The gift God gave to the earth


I shout and declare
I am aware
No more gain
Fear can’t remain
I won’t have you here
Nor will my ears hear
One single word
You are absurd
You lie, cheat, steal
With you now I deal
I rebuke you
Renounce you too
Fear now I bind
Get out of my mind
I break your tie
In the Name of Adonai
With all you do
I am all through
I cast you out
Won’t have you about
With you I am done
Faith has now won
You are not dear
Trust now lives here
To God alone I bow
This is happening now