Arrogance *Judges 12:1-7

Judges 12:1-7;NIV
Again, resentment, envy, jealousy, but now there is also arrogance. Fighting with brothers (and/ or sisters) is needless. Because this clan (Ephraim) did not get the fame, honor, victory they desired, (which their brother received) they wanted to do them harm. Their words were foolish and disgustingly arrogant. Even when their brother tried to defuse the situation by speaking truth and reason, Ephraim wouldn’t hear it. In their foolishness, paying no attention to what was right, they ended up paying a very high price – the loss of many lives. A waste of time. A waste of life.
Pride cometh before a fall
Lord God, keep us from being a foolish, prideful, arrogant people. Show us Your way and help us to walk in it. May we be Your people who try to defuse a harmful situation instead of fueling it. Show us the err of our way and lead us in the way everlasting.

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