Do you think it odd
To say thank you God
Here are some things
His hand brings
Since He is Creator of all
Come now on His Name call
Thank Him for teeth to chew
For having more than one shoe
For problems He handles
And a good pair of sandals
For old or new sneakers
He blesses the seekers
With provision and protection
Guiding in the right direction
Thank Him for His peace
A peace only He can release
Unfailing, unconditional love
Only comes from God above
His mercy and grace
With no one can erase
Clothes and a bed
When hungry He has fed
Ears that have heard
His reliable Word
Evening, morning, noon
Thank Him for the sun and moon
For each bright shining star
That He made you who you are
For the night and day
He hears us when we pray
For the opportunity at the door
Or to shop at the store
Thank & praise Him galore
So on this Thanksgiving
Thank God that you are living
For all that He does
He is the God who is and was

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