When you partake in communion
you are forming a union
with Jesus Christ the Lord.
Between you it’s a cord
that no man can break
when communion you take.
First of all you must believe,
before he will allow you to receive.
Before you start
make sure your heart
has not one sin
then we can begin.
For a moment we will pause
We will do this because,
it is a chance to repent
the Spirit of God is present.
The reason for doing this
is so that we don’t miss
what the Lord has in store
to Him we’ve opened the door.
Now that this is done
communion has begun.
It is a time for every member
to reflect and remember
what Messiah Jesus did for us
and he did this without a fuss.
With bread and wine there is a reflection
of remembering his death and resurrection.
When Jesus lifted the bread
our gracious Lord said
thankful prayers
to God who cares.
Jesus broke the bread
to his disciples he said,
“Take and eat; this is my body.”
Come and eat everybody.
Then Jesus took the cup
to the Father he lifted it up.
His voice he did raise
to give thanks and praise.
“Drink from it, all of you.”
This is what we are to do.
This blood covenant Jesus made:
our forgiveness of sins Jesus paid.
So whenever we eat and drink
we must remember to think
about God’s only Son
and what he has done.
He came to earth for you and me
to set us completely free.
He came to fulfill
the Father’s will.
For our sins Jesus atoned,
his purpose was not postponed.
Again, when we eat and drink
we should remember to think
of what the Son
for us has done,
and give thanks to God
honor, glory, and laud.

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