Defied Logic * Joshua 6

Joshua 6;NIV
Victory is had for all those who followed their leader’s instructions, even though the plan was outrageous. Nothing like this was ever done before. It totally defied logic, however the plan came from God. Whatever comes from God no one and nothing can touch it. God prevails because God is Sovereign.
The moral here – the lessons learned is that seek God before you do anything. Tell Him your concern or problem. He in turn will give you a solution to remedy the situation. If you follow exactly what He says (even if it sounds crazy) you will be victorious. Make sure the Lord God gets the praise, thanks, and glory due His Name. With God all things are possible. Where there is no way, God can open a door and make a way free and clear.
All things are possible with God. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”;NIV


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