Something Impossible *Joshua 5

Joshua 5;NIV
I love this!!! When God calls you to do something impossible and you have to deal with people or an overwhelming situation, God is the One who clears your way and makes your path straight. God is the One who can touch a heart and prepare the way to go where there is no way.
“Their hearts melted.” The enemy was no longer strong and courageous. Fear had seized this powerful enemy who was dwelling in a fortified city, so they were not a threat to God’s people any longer. Nothing can withstand the fear of God.
God kept His promise to His people. He went before them preparing their way enabling them to achieve the desired goal. As long as His people were following the Lord God’s instructions they were successful in everything they put their hands too.
God did it for them; God can do it for us. When we honor God, God honors us. God can go before us in an impossible situation and prepare our way, so we can make it safely through. Only the Lord, God of Israel can do this. Praise be to Him, who sits on the Throne, all glory, honor, and praise forever and ever.  Amen. Hallelujah!!!



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