Prepared Way * Joshua 2

Joshua 2;NIV
The people in the land have heard of the great miracles that the God of Israel had done for His people. Their hearts melted in fear of God and the people of God. The people of the land were filled with fear because of the mighty act and miracles God had done for His people. Now God’s people were close and the people of the land were so afraid of God’s people that the Scriptures say several times that “the people’s hearts melted in fear because of you (God’s people). How is that for God preparing the way for His people. God’s people did not need to be afraid because God was showing them that He had everything under control. As long as they followed God, they had not one thing to fear.
This was very encouraging not only to Joshua, who was leading the people by God’s commands, but it was very encouraging for all God’s people as well. What a faith builder this must have been.