Purge *Deut.22:13-30

Deuteronomy 22:13-30
Purge from evil and do what is right before the Lord your God.
There is so much sexual promiscuity, blatant, and corrupt behavior. This is sin. Sin kills. The Word of God brings life, which says, “Purge from this evil.”
We want God’s blessings, but will we listen to His Word? It’s not about us – it’s all about God and what God has done in the Name of His Son.
Lord, God of Israel, forgive us our sins. Show us where we are off. Show us what we need to purge from. Lead us in the way everlasting. Thank you Lord.

God’s Hand

By God’s hand
you can stand
in the land
obeying His command

It is not a hard concept
to obey and accept
to follow his precept

If you go your own way
in His hand you do not stay
from His hand you stray
this will cause decay.