The Lord

The Lord! The Lord!
It is the Lord!
He will do it
Fear not
It’s not in your hand
It’s not for you to decide
God is the One
It is only He
He who is
He who was
He who is to come
He will do it
With the blink of His eye
With the turn of His head
With His outstretched arm
All things…
Everything is in His hand.
Gracious is our God
Righteous and true
Slow to anger
Quick to forgive
Abounding in grace
Overflowing with mercy
There is none like Thee
Lord God Almighty
Kind and gracious
You do not disappoint
You are faithful and true
In all that You do
All things
Yes, all things
Are possible
To Him who sits on The Throne
To Him be glory
To Him be power
To Him be honor
Let us come and adore Him
Great is His name
And most worthy of praise
Blessed be He
Baruch attah