A confirmation
of an affirmation
is greatly needed
to this we’ve pleaded,
but no one does care
nor are they aware
of the inner need
to which they could heed.
So when one is all alone
the inner man does moan
It is no fun
being the only one.
Everyone needs a compliment
an affirming supplement.
Then their self-esteem
could begin to gleam
sparkle and shine
the pleasure’s all thine.
So come now and be smart
turn to another and start
to let that person know
you care how they go.
Your words can support
one who is a needy sort.
Then you both should
feel rather good.
If you want to feel good inside
in this you should abide,
but you must be sincere and real
when you try to make one feel
worthy of the praise you give
this will encourage them to live.
You will both have a good day,
as you part along the way.

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