Mountain Top Experience #4 Exodus 24:12-18

Exodus 24:12-18
This theme, Mountain Top Experience comes from the Book of Exodus chapters 3, 19 and 24. There are 4 parts to this theme.
Part #4
The fourth mountain top experience Moses had was right after the people chose to obey the Lord and keep His covenant. [ The people all responded together, “We will do everything the LORD has said.”  So Moses brought their answer back to the LORD.] Ex.19:8
Then the people were to consecrate themselves to the Lord God – a three day process. On the third day, God spoke so all the people could hear His voice and know that God is real and alive. God spoke the 10 Commandments in the hearing of all His people. Then God told Moses to go up the mountain again, so that He could give Moses the written 10 commandments on tablets of stone, which were carved out by the hand of God.
So the fourth mountain top experience Moses had was once again for the benefit of all God’s people. Moses received God’s written instructions for God’s people to follow. When something is spoken it can easily be forgotten, changed, or distorted, but when something is written down there is no changing it. It cannot be forgotten forever, unlike the spoken word. No mistaking what is written. It is permanent.
These mountain top experiences Moses had with the Lord God were building blocks for a relationship with God and His people.
First, God raised up a leader to save all of His people.
Second, God gave His people a choice to choose whether or not they wanted to obey God.
Third, God set up boundaries to keep His people safe and free from harm.
Fourth, God gave His people the Law; the 10 Commandments to live by.
God did all of this for one reason – God wanted a relationship with His people. He did not want His people to be puppets. God gave every human being free choice. Choosing God will bring life, happiness, and blessings. Choosing to walk away from God brings death, hardship, and eternal disaster.
Lord, God of Israel we thank you for who You are and that You love us so much that You go to great lengths to have a relationship with us and to bring us peace, happiness, love, protection and provision. You are a gracious God, slow to anger and abounding in mercy. You are forever faithful. Help us to be faithful to You by following the One You sent to the world to reveal the truth of Your Word, our Saviour, our Redeemer – Christ the Lord, Jesus.

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