Mountain Top Experience #3 Exodus 19:20-25

Exodus 19:20-25
This theme, Mountain Top Experience comes from the Book of Exodus chapter 3 and chapter 19. There are 4 parts to this theme.
Part #3
The third mountain top experience Moses had with God was again for the benefit of His people. It was a warning the people needed to hear in order to protect themselves. God is not common and cannot be treated as such. It was a warning about behavior, limits, and boundaries. Every action leads to consequence, whether good or bad, there is always a consequence. God used Moses to intervene so that the people God loves would be kept safe. God is holy and has standards and boundaries. God’s Word hold true – back then, now, and forever more. His Word is eternal. It will never die. If we abide by what God says then all will be well; but if we choose to ignore what God says then the consequence of our action will eventually be disastrous.
First, God raised up a leader to save all of His people.
Second, God gave His people a choice to choose whether or not they wanted to obey God.
Third, God set up boundaries to keep His people safe and free from harm.
We, too, have choices to make. Some are leaders and some are followers. Some choose to obey the Lord God and some do not. Some stay safe within the boundaries and some crossover. Many, many choices – every day – every second of the day. What will your choices be?
Lord God of Israel, thank you for Your Word. Thank you for loving us so much that You gave us Your Word, which is true and everlasting. Help us to support and not cause hardship to the leaders You raise up to govern over us. Help us to choose life, Your way, Your Word; You. Show us our limitations and help us to stay safely within the boundaries that You have set up for each one of us. Bless each one who reads this with a special blessing.



Lord, You are worthy of all praise
to You my voice does raise.
You are righteous and true
in all that You do.

It is in Your command
that empowers me to stand.
You fill me with hope
more than just to cope.

I wish everyone would
understand You are good.
Your ways are just
in You we can trust.