Mountain Top Experience #1 Exodus 3

Exodus 3
This theme, Mountain Top Experience comes from the Book of Exodus chapters 3, 19 and 24.  There are 4 parts to this theme.
Part #1
Moses went up the mountain and met with God, not once, nor twice, not even three times, but more than four times. The first time God revealed Himself in a burning bush on His holy mountain. Moses, intrigued by the bush that was inflamed but not burning, went up the sacred mountain and met God there. This was Moses first of several mountain top experiences with God.
   It was not Moses ideas to meet with God; it was God’s plan. God created the situation and Moses responded. Moses was doing what he did every day when He saw the bush burning. It was his job to shepherd the flock of sheep.
Moses did not know God. Moses knew of God, but really didn’t know Him personally. The reason God called Moses to this mountain top experience was to impart into Moses the purpose for his life; to tell Moses why he was born. The reason Moses was born was for one purpose alone. God had ordained him from birth to be Israel’s deliver. Moses was to deliver Israel, God’s chosen people, from Egyptian bondage and slavery.
This first mountain top experience was where God spoke and said, “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.”  When in the presence of God, His holiness……..well, it cannot even be explained in mere human words. So God revealed His holiness to Moses and how Moses was to respond to God’s holiness. There is a certain way we are to act when in the presence of God. God is not common, so we shouldn’t treat Him or His Name as such. God is holy. God needed to teach Moses this first, because Moses was going to be Israel’s spiritual leader as well as their physical leader.
We need to have the right posture when in the presence of The Almighty; God. We need to be aware of who He is and who we are. He, God Almighty, is the Creator and we are His creation.
God not only gave Moses instructions on how to deliver Israel from Egyptian bondage, but the Lord equipped him as well. God will not call someone to do something and then not give them the means to do it. God gave Moses explicit instructions on what to do and what to say. So Moses first mountain top experience was for God to tell Moses the purpose for his life.


Morning Light

Thank you Lord for the morning light,
which was burning radiant bright.
The coolness of the morning air
surrounded everything out there.
Yet in the early morning sun
the day’s warmth had not begun.
But as the day progressed
the coolness digressed
giving way to the sun’s rays,
which created a bit of haze.
But not for long
for the sun was strong.
The air became dry and hot
the moisture in the air was not,
leaving the most delightful day,
which brings joy along one’s way.