Type of Season

God does not owe us,
so why do we fuss?
It is by His grace
that we’re in this place.
If there is pressure,
then it is for sure
that there is a good reason
for this type of season.
If we endure
God will ensure
a good outcome,
so don’t be dumb
trust in the Lord God.
When He uses His rod
it is for our own good,
and by it we should
turn from our harmful ways
giving Him honor and praise.
Then we would walk upright
and be pleasing in His sight.
We must never forget
there need not be regret.
God remembers our sin no more;
He does not keep score.
He always does forgive
freeing us to live
with Him in peace.
If only to Him we release
what bothers our mind
in Him we will find
a wonderful solace,
which would be bliss.

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