Who Knows *part 1

It is the nose
who knows.
The nose can tell
by the kind of smell.
But the nose is one part
so the others must start
to completely function
to be in conjunction –
It’s not a matter of whether,
all parts must function together.
The forehead
should know what’s said.
The eyes can see,
so they should be
aware of what’s around,
so no stumbling is found,
so the foot doesn’t trip,
nor should the foot slip
along the right path,
for the body together hath
everything it does need
in order to succeed.
Now the ear
when it does hear
needs to let the other parts know
to enable the body to sow
good, fresh seed,
which others need
to help them along
keeping them from wrong.
Now the mouth
can easily go south,
so it must be aware
not to impair
each and every part
especially the heart.
The heart should be filled with love
which is given from above.
It knows right to do
and should follow through.
Now the brain
should not remain
the least bit idle,
because it is vital
to stay active in the Word,
which needs to be heard.
When the brain does respond
the hands need to correspond
and follow in suit
to be in pursuit
of what needs to be done
for a good work has begun
to take place
all in God’s grace.