Enticements *Deut. 13

Deuteronomy 13
Don’t be deceived. Let not someone lead you astray by deceptive enticements. Temptation looks invitingly sweet, pleasurable, and it might be so for a little while, but then reality strikes and no longer is this “thing” sweet and pleasurable – for now it brings on a harshness and pain that is irrevocable.
When these deceptive thoughts or words come to you stand strong and extinguish them immediately – give them no room in your mind or heart. Some (most) temptations can seem overpowering. Immediately call on the Name of the Lord God. He will give you the strength and power to overcome. Why will He do this? Because God loves you and desires you to have the best; not to be destroyed.
Lord God above all, You hold all things in Your hand. When temptation comes our way give us the strength, courage, power to squash it completely, rendering no effect on us. Open our eyes to see tempting enticements for the ugly, horrible, and hurtful things they really are. Help us to overcome temptations and stand victorious in You. Thank you. In the Name of Jesus Messiah. Amen