Guarantee *Deut. 12

Deuteronomy 12;NIV
God wants what is best for His people. He tells them over and over, so there can be no mistake. His instructions are very clear.
God’s people are about to enter into the Promised Land. Again, the Lord God reminds them if they are willing to follow the way He has prepared for them without adding or taking away anything from what God’s said, then they will be blessed and prosper.
The points to remember are: Be careful to do as the Lord requires. Remember it is the Lord who brought you here and it is He who is giving this land to you, so don’t forget Him, His way, or His Word. Worship the Lord God of Israel alone. Raise nothing above Him; put Him first. Do not worship the Lord God like pagans worship their gods and idols.
Go to the Lord and ask Him to lead you to where He would have you worship Him, which church or temple. He will direct your steps. It is there that you should give all your tithes, offerings, sacrifices, special gifts, and vows. By doing this the Lord guarantees His blessings; everything He’s called you to do will be blessed. You and your family will rejoice in everything the Lord has done for you. What an awesome promise God is giving to His people.
There is one warning, which we all need to heed: Do what is right in the eyes of the Lord God. Do not be wise in your own eyes nor do as you see fit. Instead follow the Lord and He will lead you into your inheritance to dwell in safety and rest.
God loves His people and wants them to be happy, flourish, and enjoy life. His promise is not to be added too or to be subtracted from. It is exact; exactly how the Lord Almighty wants it to be.
Proverbs 3:5-8;NIV

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