Offerings *Num. 28:1-15

Numbers 28:1-15;NIV
God spoke of three offerings:
1. Daily offeringsChrist said we are to present our bodies as pleasing sacrifices before the Lord God.
2. Sabbath offeringmore is required on the Sabbath. This is more than a giving of ourselves to the Lord God.
3. Monthly offeringsabove and beyond the Sabbath and daily offerings.
Offerings for usin our generation we don’t give animal offerings nor sacrifices. Jesus Christ is our one and only final Sacrifice – once and for all. However, we should never go to God empty handed. All things come from Him, so what He gives we are to give at least 1/10 back to Him. To name a few offerings and sacrifices that we can give to God: time, money, talents, skills. Notice when God was declaring an offering from the people, He didn’t just ask for one thing. Most people think only money when they hear offering or sacrifice, but money is only one small part of giving.
Lord God of Israel show us what to give and where to give our sacrifices and offerings to You. Open our ears to hear and our hearts to accept Your Word. Thank You.



I am as happy
as happy can be
for I heard the Almighty
He came and said to me
“I have heard thee.
I have heard your plea.
Because you came to Me,
I will set you free.
Yes, completely.”
The Lord, God Almighty
Blessed be He