Yes, the Father and the Son
plus the Holy Spirit are One.
One in the same
all done in Jesus’ name.
We really can’t understand
for God’s ways are quite grand.

I guess this is where
we could try to compare
our God to the air.
This must be done with care.

We know that everywhere
we must breath air.
Now the air cannot be seen
but the oxygen we glean.
Oxygen keeps us alive
without it we wouldn’t survive.

As we know air has another name
wind and air are one in the same.
And everyone knows
wind is the air that blows.

It is more than suspect
that the air has great effect.
Air like God cannot be seen
Are you understanding what I mean?
I could go on and on,
but you are not a moron.

So now I will stop;
this topic I will drop.
But I suggest you ought
to give this more thought.