Nothing can Withstand *Num. 24:12-13

Numbers 24:12-13;NIV
God Almighty; the One true God; the God of Israel is above all. He is sovereign. Nothing can be done unless God allows it. He is supreme; nothing can withstand Him. Everything has to bow before Him; bow to do His will. What an awesome God we serve.
Thank you God for Your faithfulness to Your people. Even when we do not deserve Your blessings, You stay faithful to Your Word. Help us to bring glory and honor to Your Holy Name; the Name above all names. In the mighty Name of Jesus Messiah, our Lord and Saviour.



If God you fear
His voice you’ll hear.
Don’t let decay
make its way
into your life
causing you strife.
It must be told
His Name to uphold
God we must revere
and stand in awesome fear
of the One and only God
give Him respect, honor, and laud.