Serious Service *Num. 18

Numbers 18;NIV
The service of the Lord is serious; it is a serious position to serve the Lord. There is no messing around. God has been very specific as of what to do,  how to do it, and required behavior. God also told them point blank what the consequences would be if they didn’t obey. The requirement was set. The choice is theirs to make. Will they choose life and prosperity by obeying God, or will they choose to disobey and die?
We, too, have choices in life. Each decision we make has a consequence, whether it is a good one or bad consequence. The choice is ours to make.
God help us to make wise choices and good decisions in our lives. Thanks You.


The Past

Lord,I need to trust in You
in all I think, say, and do.
I can’t live in the past
I need to move up fast.
I need to live in the now
with my mind & heart I bow
before my Maker and King.
He will take everything
that doesn’t belong to me
enabling me to be free.