Wise vs. Fool *Proverbs 10

Wise = Wisdom
Brings joy
Righteous rescues
Won’t go hungry
Diligent hands
Gathers during summer
Blessings on head
Name a blessing
Accepts commands
Integrity lives securely
Mouth fountain of life
Love covers offenses
Wisdom = discerning
Store up knowledge
Fortified city
Labor = life
Follows instruction
Path to life
Controls lips
Tongue pure as silver
Lips feed many
Lord’s blessing
Enriches understand

Blessings come

Secure forever

Fear of LORD

Prolonged life
Hope and joy
Stronghold for honorable
Never be shaken
Righteous produces wisdom
Knows what’s right

Fool = Foolish

Brings heartache
Ill-gotten gain
Wicked crave
Idle hands
Sleeps during harvest
Wicked conceals violence
Name will rot
Foolish lips
Perverts his ways
Sly wink = grief
Foolish lips destroyed
Mouth conceals violence
Hatred stirs conflicts
Devoid understanding
Hastens destruction
Activity sinful
Rejects instruction
Goes astray
Conceals hatred
Lying lips
Spreads slander
Many words
Heart = little value
Lack sense
Shameful conduct
Dread will come
Are no more
Like vinegar to teeth
Like smoke to eyes
Years cut short
Expectation = nothing
Destruction for malicious
Will not remain
Perverse tongue cut out
Wicked perverse