(Proverbs 2)

Accept Word
Store up
Listen closely
Directing heart
Call out
Lift voice
Seek as silver
Search as treasure
Understand fear Lord
Discover knowledge
God gives: wisdom
Knowledge & understanding
Success for upright
Shields those with integrity
Guards paths of justice
Protects loyal followers
Understand righteousness
Integrity and justice
Every good path
Wisdom enters mind
Knowledge delights heart
Discretion overseer
Understanding guards
Rescues from evil –
Perverse things,
Wrong paths,
Ways of darkness,
Doing evil,
Crooked paths,
Celebrating perversity,
Devious ways,
Forbidden woman,
Flattering talk
So, this walk
Way of goodness
Paths of righteousness
Inhabit the land
Integrity remains
Wicked are cut off
Unfaithful uprooted