Who is Willing *Ex. 35:4-5; 20-29

Exodus 35:4-5, 20-29
Who is willing
The question is posed
Free will is exposed
Do you want to bring
To the Lord an offering
Who is willing

God spoke what needed to be done through His servant Moses. God then gave His people free choice by saying: whoever is willing can bring material offerings or skills and abilities as an offering to the Lord God in order to fulfill God’s purpose.
God is kind – He’s the One who gives wealth, talents, skills, knowledge and abilities to people. The people are to use these gifts to benefit others.


You are The great I AM
The God of Abraham
The God of Creation
Holds all information
Righteous and true
In all that You do
Worthy of all praise
Now and always
The God who is and was
The God who continually does
Great are His commands
Mighty & powerful His hands
His outstretched arm
Protects from all harm
What a mighty God He is
Physical and spiritual are His
He is the truth
Tell it to youth