Selfless Love *Ex. 33:7-23

Exodus 33:7-23;NIV
This is a wonderful ending to a chapter that started out so sad. Because of the extreme sinful behavior of God’s people, God didn’t even want to see them or be with them. The people mourned and repented when they heard God’s words about them.
Moses again intercedes on behalf of the people. God answers Moses with a yes; His Presence will go with the people throughout the rest of their journey.
Moses, realizing the magnitude of his responsibility of being a leader of a multitude of people, asked God to teach him God’s ways, that His favor would be with them, and to remember the people are God’s chosen. God was pleased with Moses selfless response and agreed to go with them throughout their journey.
We, too, can intercede on behalf of others. God is please when we do so. We can make a huge difference in people’s lives when we look outside ourselves and ask God’s blessings over them.
We are all on a journey, which eventually comes to an end here on earth. How we go through this journey is what really matters. God’s example of selfless love by giving us Jesus Christ His one and only Son is powerful and benefits all who take hold of it. Jesus, Himself, also is an example of selfless love. He gave up everything to become human only to give up His life for the salvation of all mankind. Wow!!! What selfless love – nothing can match that or even come close.

An Offering

Why not bring
Yahweh an offering
An offering from your heart
This is a good place to start
Begin with thanks and praise
Worship to Him now raise
Give a sacrifice that is best
You will definitely be blessed
Just you wait patiently and see
Gracious and merciful is He