Not Just Part *Ex. 20:1-20

Exodus 20:1-20;NIV
If God’s Word – the complete Word of God, the whole Bible; not just part of It – is valid, then why do some people try to do away with the Old Testament? Jesus Himself said that not one iota of the Holy Scriptures would perish before He returns.
Matthew 5:17-19;NIV
This leads me to the Ten Commandments. Either all Ten apply or not. People cannot just pick and choose the parts of the Bible they like and discard the parts they don’t like or understand.

If God commanded His people to follow the Ten Commandments then don’t you think we should?
The 9th Commandment (do not lie) is no less important than #6 (do not murder) or #4 (remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy – 6 days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day (Saturday) you shall rest and do no work). Why do some Christians say murder is wrong, but adultery or lying is okay? Or I need or want to work, so I will work and not honor God’s 4th Commandment.  The Ten Commandments all have the same weight, so why is #4 (Sabbath Rest) and #3 (Do not blaspheme – misuse the Lord’s Name) dismissed altogether? It is appalling to hear Jews and Christians alike blaspheme! The reason one will do this is because they would rather do what they want instead of listening to Almighty God. Sad – it’s sad for all involved.   No excuses!   There are no excuses!
God forgive us.

Lord, forgive us our sins. Teach us Your Word and help us to follow Jesus. Give us understanding and a desire to honor Your Holy Word. Draw us closer to You, so that You may be glorified, honored, and exalted in our lives. Bless Your Holy Name. In Jesus I pray, Amen.

More Valuable

It is keen
On the Word to lean
It helps us when in trouble
It frees us from the rubble
All His promises are true
Mercy & love all the way through
It is a divine road map
Sweeter than all maple sap
It is tastier than all honey
More rich than all money
It’s more valuable than anything
Eternal life it can bring
It’s better than what you can buy
It’s God’s Word for you and I

Covenant *Ex. 19

Exodus 19;NIV
God is a covenant making God. He always keeps His part of the promise. It is we who break our part; our promise to Him. So the problem lies within us; not God. God is faithful and always does what He says He will do. We, on the other hand are not always faithful to what we say we will do.
Thanks be to Jesus who is our Mediator, Saviour, and Lord; through Whom we can gain access to God our Father and have right standing before Him because we are atoned for by Messiah Jesus.