Offering Benefits *Ex. 25:1-1

Exodus 25:1-9;NIV
God told Moses to go to the people and collect an offering. The offering was for God. The offering was voluntary, however if the people chose to give an offering to God only certain items were wanted. Notice how God used a man to collect the offerings for God. Then God used him to do God’s work. God loves His people so much that He wants to dwell among them, hence God is collecting an offering through Moses to benefit His people. God did not need their offerings, but wanted them to take part in what He was doing for the good of the community. God wanted to tabernacle amongst His people, and He wanted them to have a part in His plan.
Could this also have been a test from God to see what the people’s reaction would be? Could this have been a test to see if the people place God first in their lives? Each person, had the option to give or not; it was a voluntary offering.
Today, if you hear God’s voice harden not your heart.
We are always asking God for something. And we want it right away. We don’t like waiting and we don’t like no for an answer. How do you react when God asks you for something? Do you do it?
How do you think God feels when you sacrifice for Him or give a free-will offering to  His Name?
How do you feel when someone blesses you for no other reason than to make you happy?
Our aim should be to please God in all we do and with our mind, mouth, and money.


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