God’s Promises *Ex. 23:20-32

Exodus 23:20-32
Talk about an awesome promise! This is the best; nothing can compare to this! All God’s people need to do is trust God. They need to follow God and worship Him alone;  not follow any other religions or bow down before any other god.
God is very specific. This relationship between God and His people is exclusive. His people are not to have anything to do with praying to or worshiping any other god, idol, or statue. God’s chosen people are to bring Yahweh tithes, offerings, worship, and prayers. They are only to bow down before the One true God – the God of Israel. If God’s people do this, then God promises to:
   *Guard His people along their way
   *Bring them to the place He has prepared for them
   *Be an enemy to their enemies
   *Oppose all who opposes God’s people
   *Bring them into the Promised Land
   *Bless their food and water
   *Take away sickness
   *No miscarriages
   *No barrenness
   *Have a full life span
   *Go ahead of them giving protection
   *Causing terror and confusion in enemy’s camp, so they turn and run
   *Clear their way
   *Establish borders in their God-given land
So if we, God’s people, obey God by following Jesus and worship no other, then God will most definitely protect, provide, and bless abundantly. We, too, can share in the promised blessings. Who wouldn’t want this blessing! 
Lord, God of Israel, thank you for Your Word, which is trustworthy. Thank You for Your promises, which are reliable.  Teach us Your Word, open our understanding that Your light would eliminate the truth. Amen.

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