Fear God *Gen. 42

Genesis 42
Joseph, in charge of Egypt’s storehouse of food, still has unforgiveness towards his brother’s and needs to deal with. It was his 10 brothers who threw him into a pit, then sold him as a slave. Joseph was sold as a slave in Egypt. He lost everything – family, friends, comforts, and his freedom. Then he was wrongfully charged and imprisoned for years.
God raised Joseph up, so now he is rich, powerful, and has everything at his disposal. However, Joseph has a root of bitterness or unforgiveness towards his 10 brothers. He treats them harshly, but God is not done yet. It took Joseph three days before he would release his brothers from prison. Joseph bluntly states the only reason why he changed his plan, was because God spoke to him. He tells them “Do this and you will live, for I fear God.” Genesis 42:18   Joseph originally said one out of 10 brothers would go back to get Benjamin (youngest brother) while the other 9 brothers stayed in prison. Now he says the opposite; one brother will stay and 9 can go back home.

Even So

I will not wait
Nor will I hesitate
To say, “My God is great!”
Everything He did create

When God opens a door
It allows you to score
Like an eagle soar
He gives so much more

Even so
It’s more than we could know
More than seeing the way to go

Whether it seems like it or not
Your life the Lord’s got