Beyond Our Own Understanding *Gen. 41:50-57

Genesis 41:50-57;NIV
God’s ways are not man’s ways. Only God knows and sees the true value of life. If we choose to honor God and make Him the center of our lives and not turn away from Him when hardship comes, then we will be blessed beyond our own understanding.
The one thing Joseph held onto was his faith in the God of Israel, and because of it God not only blessed Joseph (by making him ruler of Egypt – second in command to Pharaoh), but Egypt and all the nations around Egypt were blessed as well. God gave Joseph the plan to store the grain in times of plenty, so that when the famine came they did not die of starvation.
So no matter what “things look like” or “how things appear” the one constant thing is God is faithful to His Word. God will provide for His people and others benefit from it as well. Where there is no way – God makes a way. When life looks bleak, there is always hope with God. He is faithful to His people and watches over them.
The truth comes out in verses 51 & 52. God has made Joseph forget his misery and God has poured out His blessings. God blessed Joseph, so Joseph could be a blessing to Egypt and the other nations.
Hold tight to God and you will not be disappointed. Put your hope in God.

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