Cannot Remain

Last night I did see
that it is only
Your mercy
that sets me
completely free

From darkness and despair
from each and every care
making me aware
to beware
of what’s out there

It is by Your grace
that I’m in this place
I sought Your face
Now I’m an ace
empowered to win the race

I walk in salvation
from the God of creation
therefore, now no condemnation
filled with contemplation
needing no explanation

All I need is trust
in the One who is just
He removes the crust
evil He will thrust
along with all the rust

In Him we have rest
from that awful, evil pest
When our sin is confessed
then we can jest
in our lives which He’s blest.

There will be much gratitude
in our newly formed attitude
instead of living latitude
our relation will be longitude
our land will be subdued.