From Rags to Riches *Gen. 41

Genesis 41;NIV
“I can’t do it, but God can…” These are the words of Joseph. It’s not about Joseph; it’s about God and God will do it. God will accomplish His purpose through His people. This holds true for us as well as seen in 1 Thessalonians 5:24.
Joseph went from rags to riches, from prison to palace, from slave to ruler all because of one thing – God was the center of Joseph’s life. Joseph honored God through hardship to luxury, through bondage to freedom, through just being a shepherd boy to becoming a powerful young man.
How do we respond to God?
How do we act when injustice floods into our lives?
Do we hold fast to the One who holds everything in His hands,
or do we complain, murmur, grumble, and disrespect Almighty God?
Joseph had to go through these trials and tests – the Refiner’s fire- to prepare him for his divine purpose in life.
We are no different from Joseph, in that, we too need the Refiner’s fire to prepare us for the task God has destined us to do.

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